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#0 - 2009/04/11 12:43:49 PM

I have a query regarding posting on the forums with my account. Whenever I attempt to log in, I am unable to select any characters to post with and am met with the message: "*The characters on this account are unavailable, as the account has expired or is prohibited from posting."

As far as I know I have not been banned from posting. I haven't received any e-mail from Blizzard regarding any derogatory posts that I may have made. Furthermore, my account still has plenty of paid time left so I can not see how my account is deemed 'inactive.'

Any help on the matter would be much appreciated.

(P.S: I am referring to my other account not this one ofcourse ^^).

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#2 - 2009/04/14 07:32:20 AM
If the payment status on your account is pending, you may receive this error. The forums will not allow accounts that are pending payment to post. Annoying, I know, and it has been passed on for further review.