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#0 - 2009/03/09 01:17:06 AM
so no word has been said. its obviously been dodged by anyone with an information to it. we get a useless lvl 49 trinket that not even a twink will care about. wtf is wrong with this picture.

lvl 72 epic joke goggles

new grenades have no stun

12k gold in VENDOR BOUGHT mats for a MOUNT ?

there has been a ton of realistic good ideas for engineering all over the forums. and they have all been blatently ignored. this is really poor CS.

are you going to update engineering ? if not 3.1, when ? why is this so behind. i hear so much talk about balancing this class n tweaking this. updating this profession and these new recipes. yet NOTHING, not a single word beyond some useless grey trinket has been even shown ??

heres some brainstorming.

an additional trinket slot for engineer only trinkets or make many engineer trinkets on use items.

> > >a recipe that adds stats or sockets ONTO trinkets < < < one socket per trinket ? this would coincide with other professions passive stat benefits.

make tinkers STACK with enchants.

lets see a eng only choppa/hog at a highly reduced price.

eng made siege weaponry

a recipe to upgrade the ilvl 200 goggles to 213 or higher

more types of bombs, clusters, stuns, knockbacks, incendiary, even polymorph! why not. balance them with CD's ? maybe even a huge radius sapper charge on a long cooldown for big big dmg ? the frost grenade was kind of a start. but that path was only started and only continued with making bombs in boxes. nice defly. not 100% what i was expecting.

K3 and other areas could easily get teleporters. i still have and use my gadgetzan and toshelys station trinks daily for farming old mats to sell old pets > > sigh.

the last point really shows the state of the profession. why is my biggest profit as an engineer coming from a recipe i got lvling to 60 pre-both xpacs ? that doesnt seem right.....

another important and maybe one of the most definitive problems with engineering is on its respec value. there is none! if i want to go goblin from gnomish, that requires me to start from scratch, loseing every recipe i acquired through a quest for good! this right here really glares the notion of engineering being the last of the devs interests lists.

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#191 - 2009/03/12 03:11:00 AM
Here are some of the 3.1 changes for engineering so far:

  • Engineering

    • Added a new Reticulated Armor Webbing engineering enchant that increases the armor on plate gloves.
    • Added a new Springy Arachnoweave engineering enchant that grants passive spell power in addition to turning your cloak into a parachute.
    • Flexweave Underlay now grants passive agility in addition to its normal effect.
    • Nitro Boosts now grant passive critical strike rating in addition to their speed boost.

The list may not be conclusive and is subject to change over the course of the public testing process.