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#1 - 2015/09/02 09:01:00 PM
** I'd just like to preface this with the fact that I am an avid mount collector and grinder and have every intention to grind both mounts however the conditions of which should be improved.

According to math on WoWHead courtesy of Chaxton, It would take between 115 and 126 runs to obtain the requisite 5000 badges to buy one mount. In terms of boss kills that is roughly 630 at the high end and would cost in terms of time up to 32 hours. That is excessive because the event is only available once every several weeks,the mounts are re-used models, and it requires effort of 4 other people to farm it effectively.

I would humbly and merely suggest that the drop quantity of the badges be raised to perhaps 10 per regular boss and say 20 to 50 for the end boss. Additionally perhaps consider rare drop items from the instances in addition to the Frigid Timewarped Prism.

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#20 - 2015/09/03 03:14:00 PM
09/02/2015 07:08 PMPosted by Thecheat
They already tweeted a pretty stand-pat stance about this. Their claim is it's "meant to take dedication". I'm not expecting any type of change until after BlizzCon at the earliest.

One of the problems with Twitter as a medium is the lack of space for nuance. There are hundreds of mounts in WoW, and they are obtainable by a wide variety of different means. Some are simple to get, and cheaply bought off vendors; some require great feats of skill like Gladiator and current Mythic raid mounts; some require tremendous luck (e.g. the Elegon mount); and some require long-term effort (e.g. the Violet Proto-Drake from A Long Strange Trip, or Darkmoon Faire prizes).

Ultimately they are all cosmetic rewards, and Timewalking is designed to be an evergreen system that we will be expanding over the years. Unlike, say, a Tanaan rep mount that clearly was designed to be earned within the scope of this patch, there will be people doing Timewalking (especially as more dungeons, and more expansions' content get added) throughout the future of WoW, and this represents a long-term goal within that framework.

If you want to rush through dozens of Timewalking dungeons in a short timeframe to be one of the first to get the mount, and you'd find that experience satisfying, then by all means do so. But I certainly wouldn't say that's the intended approach here. The 500-Badge quest turn-in is a once-per-event thing (which we definitely could have made clearer), so if you want to take a more measured pace and just do the Timewalking quest each time the event comes around while you happen to otherwise actively be playing, you can get the mount with just a few total hours spent (though over a longer period of real time). It's up to you. In the meantime, there are other items (notably some great alt catch-up gear) available through the system, and those are much more attainably priced.