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#1 - 2016/07/23 02:29:00 PM
I just wanted to continue the conversation going on in this thread:

Please, let's keep the comments constructive, but critical, and if you've been raiding at all any time this week give your thoughts about how the loot system has been working (or not) for your raid.

The more critically constructive feedback we give, the more likely we are to have changes made that we can all agree on. If you have any ideas about how to fix the current loot system beyond "don't fix what ain't broke" or "because reasons," please post them here.

My Raid Update
Last night was the first night I've been able to raid since the pre-patch launch and things went moderately well. We got bosses down and we got loot from the personal loot vendor like I figured we would as we had to bring in pugs due to absences and lack of guild members in general.

I did manage to get some gear that was useful for someone else and I was able to give it away, but it wasn't in a way I'm particularly happy with. We all stood around the boss (as most of us who got gear don't need the gear) talking over each other in vent and linking the items we got in chat asking if anyone needed it. Took us ten whole minutes while people compared the gear they were looking at to what they had. Ten minutes we could have been on our way to another boss to get them down. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time, but ten minutes can mean the difference between downing one or two bosses at the end of a raid night for us.

If we were still pre-pre-patch, our master looter would have been the only one to remain behind, while the rest of the raid headed to the next boss. Instant movement and progress rather than milling around waiting for people to speak up or not about the gear that dropped.

I still propose we either have the threshold for a "guild group" dropped to 50% (only for the Master Loot if that's what you want), or we get a way to mark people as "honorary guild members" so we can have a full "guild group."

What say all of you? Again, please keep your comments constructive but critical. The less bickering and back biting we have in the forums, the quicker this will get resolved.

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#66 - 2016/07/28 12:33:00 AM
07/27/2016 08:08 AMPosted by Sharrq
We used Group Loot again in our raid last night and it is really getting frustrating. We are consistently having people that arent able to roll need on something that they want because of the iLvl restrictions, everyone in the raid was able to roll need on the Conq Tier Tokens even if they werent Paladin, Priest, Warlock ....

There's a significant bug with Group Loot that posts like this have brought to light over the past day. On Leather and Mail armor, which has both Intellect and Agility, the presence of Intellect is incorrectly preventing Rogues and Hunters from rolling Need on those items. That's obviously unintended, and terrible. It shouldn't behave that way, and we're working towards a fix within the next day.

The Tier Token behavior you mention is also unintended - class restrictions should be respected. We'll investigate and fix if something is awry there.

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#69 - 2016/07/28 01:10:00 AM
07/27/2016 05:54 PMPosted by Necai
No comment on the issue of iLvL restrictions preventing rolls? Or is that a working as intended with the intention being to really force PL on all situations and hope that altruism suddenly grows in the cesspit that is most of the playerbase?

Sorry, I should have mentioned that. We don't believe that is currently happening, and it's absolutely not intended. If an item is for your class, you should be able to roll Need on it regardless. If it is specifically for your spec, your roll should take priority over off-spec rolls. And if an item is not for your class (unequippable or intended for a role your class cannot perform, such as a rogue looking at a tank trinket ), then you should only be able to roll Greed/DE. There should be no other logic or restrictions on the system, and if you encounter any, we'd be very interested in hearing more.

The reports we've seen that seemed to blame player item level for inability to roll, thus far, were actually caused by the Rogue/Hunter issue I mentioned above.