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#1 - 2015/08/10 04:34:00 PM
So i go see my daughter, ive not seen her in a few weeks, i see her playing wow which i got her into, shes cry lots. It seems she loves the little pet battles ( i never got into it ) but it seems she had been playing for hours on end trying to get 5 wins so she can get a item,
she was at 187 losses vs 1 win,
So like any good nerdy dad ive spent my weekend getting up 6 little monsters to lever 25 and try these pet vs pet battles to help her out, and i can say in 20 ish years of mmo i don't think ive seen a more bull type of combat,
i met pets that come back from the dead with like 1500 hit points, mine come back with 20 IF im lucky, pets that choose my attacks so i dont even get a say in it,i saw toons that im doing 200 and there doing 800
this isnt a game for fairness its a game where you get some how these amazing pets and do things i could never dream of,
i won 2 games in 50 and honestly there flukes. these games are not ment for the average person its power levels on a grand scale,
im still confused how a pet i kill and then comes back later on full health to then i have to try to kill it again,

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#20 - 2015/08/11 07:25:00 PM
Just wanted to say -- it took me nine rounds of PBPvP to get my five wins, and I never once faced Graves.