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#1 - 2017/01/20 11:21:00 PM
Alright, going for brevity here, there's a lot that could be said. 100 tier really needs some work for Retribution, unless the intention was that all of us would take Crusade. Current Crusade is our power-zone, this is undoubted — whether or not the recent nerfs to Chain of Thrayn, Execution Sentence, Whispers of the Nathrezim, and most recently, Convergence of Fates is directly because of the fact that there is only one viable build are not what I wish to discuss. To the point:

1. Most of us want you to leave Crusade alone. We know you've had eyes on it, but in this case, adjusting our one competitive talent would be a bad idea.

2. Increase Divine Purpose proc rate, and/or give it a similar effect to Whispers of the Nathrezim. That is the most cut and dry fix I've heard suggested, but there you go.

3. Scrap Holy Wrath. I won't waste time talking about what is wrong with it, but many of us were concerned about this talent from the time it was implemented (quite late in the beta iirc). Speaking for myself here, this is your opportunity to give us a transformative talent. I would really like to see some creativity here, and I'll leave the discussion of what could replace HW for later in the thread.

Lastly, I want to bring up two little gems that I see brought up often, and that I myself would be extremely glad to see implemented in some form or another. At least one of these is a Diablo import, but that box has been open for a while, so lets take the good stuff:

1. Turalyon's Might. Yeah it was clunky, but with some slight adjustments it could have been a great multi-use talent.

2. Falling Sword. This has been requested by many players, and I make no secret of my own desire to see this in game. This could easily become an iconic ability for us. Smart usage of abilities like this are what separate the wheat from the chaff (reference to D3 sader fully intended).

3. Fist of the Heavens/Heavens fury. Something like this stretches the new ret fantasy as a close quarters combatant a bit, but I think, if implemented well, this could be a great thing. A beam/pillar/channel attack could most certainly have a place in the arsenal of a Retribution Paladin as long as the channel is uninterruptible and makes up for rotational down time.

With an eye toward future development the words I'd like to use to sum up my desires for the spec are diversity and flexibility. I think many of us are pleased with Retribution in Legion, but there is work to be done here. We appreciate what you've done thus far.

Now, what do you guys think about when you think of the development of Retribution, and what would you like to see happen for us going forward?

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#104 - 2017/02/09 08:54:00 PM
Just wanted to thank you for the productive discussion and useful feedback here.

Something to remember is that we really like the unique mechanics of Retribution. We think the spec provides a lot of flavor and makes for good stories. There's nothing quite like the strong emotional reactions people have to situations where Ret shines in a way that no other spec would have.