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#1 - 2017/01/30 03:41:00 PM
Can we get some baseline resilience? This is the first expansion that you cant even duel to practice PvP because Blizzard decided in it's infinite wisdom that players no longer require 85% Player Damage Reduction.

The result is people are just 1-shotting each other because no one can withstand the ridic PvE damage.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel with every single thing. We've had resilience since the start of BC over ten years ago. Put it back in, thanks.

Game Designer
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#14 - 2017/02/04 02:06:00 AM
Hello everyone,

This is a topic we've been discussing a lot recently. We agree that damage feels rather high in World PvP situations and we're considering some changes. First, we removed base resilience coming into Legion because we adjusted the rate at which health pools scale with respect to damage. In the past, player damage tended to outpace a character's health pool making damage feel stronger as an expansion went on. We made some adjustments to that system but we've found through playtesting with the templates that we've had to decrease damage and increase health to get damage pacing to a good spot.

In a future patch, we're considering adding in some base resilience to bring damage and health ratios closer to where they are with our pvp templates (and the adjusting those templates to compensate). It should make for better damage pacing in the outside world. We don't plan on activating templates in the outside world though. We think it's important that the game have a place where we don't make such drastic adjustments so you can feel your character's full power when fighting another player. Meanwhile, battlegrounds and arenas provide a much more structured environment for PvP gameplay.