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#1 - 2017/01/25 12:50:00 AM
Please excuse me if this sounds like whining or if this has been answered previously in a respectable manner.

I feel like having access older Elite PvP ensembles when your rating is high enough is a great incentive for players to get into Rated PvP and try to earn high ratings for those kind of rewards. Especially since, at least in my own opinion, the true prestige from past seasons comes from owning the season respective titles and the associated mounts that come with them, not necessarily the gear.

This allows players who truly earned their meddle in a season to preserve their prestige, since having such titles and mounts show you off as the cream of the crop, while at least having Elite PvP gear from any season still shows you had the skill to achieve such a high rating to begin with.

By taking this away from players, I feel like your losing a large crowd of players who would get into Rated PvP simply for the transmog rewards, and it would at least be a great way to have more people to participate in Rated PvP and thus increasing its longevity.

I say this in the utmost respectable way possible, please allow these Elite PvP Ensembles to be available some time in the future. I feel it is a very good way of keeping people playing WoW and is overall good for game's longevity. As explained before, I feel like the overall prestige won't be taken away and at least having someone show off such ensembles would only be available to the experienced and high skillcap players who earned such ratings, still preserving some prestige of the armor sets.

Thank you for listening.

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#131 - 2017/02/04 02:28:00 AM
02/03/2017 02:51 AMPosted by Caíno

still wanna know why or at least a sign this feedback was also read and this issue was taken into consideration.


I just wanted to make sure that you know that the suggestions in this thread were indeed seen and discussed. As far as I know, there isn't any plan to resurrect old sets like this.

We'll let you know if we put such a thing into development.