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#1 - 2016/09/12 12:12:00 PM
Edit: This post has been updated to 7.2.5 ptr feedback. If there is anything you think should be mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment.

Hello fellow warlocks,

I've seen the Q&A and the question about warlocks. The devs noticed that warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class and they said that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are and they're watching the forums now. However, they noticed that most posts are about "Reroll, quit game, gj ruining it blizz"
So now that the devs are looking for feedback, let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. I will summarize the feedback given below.

Simple rules:
- Tell us your main warlock spec
- 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now.
- Be realistic and keep it short and simple
- No cry or rage posts.
- If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the dislike button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts.

Summarized Feedback starts here:


Demonic Circle

The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is missed as a baseline ability.

Demonic circle feels out of place in the CC talent row where we have to choose between 2 CC talents and 1 mobility spell.

We are tanky casters, so no, we don’t have to be mobile like mages, but we could use at least 1 gap maker ability. Demonic Circle was the perfect ability to fill this place as it didnt make locks too mobile without losing that ''tanky caster'' fantasy. Speaking purely from a PvP perspective: In this meleeheavy meta locks need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time.

Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a loved as a replacer to Demonic Circle to PvPers. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really shines in arenas.

Burning Rush should be a baseline ability

Locks without burning rush have a hard time in M+ content because they lack a mobility spell to keep up with the other classes who usually have at least 1. Burning Rush is the only talent locks have that can assist them in keeping up, but they have to sacrifice a defensive talent, which is kinda sour and they might need it in a phase that requires them to have one of these defensive talents. Some argue that it should be considered to make baseline and that the talent spot should be replaced by a new defensive ability.

Grimoire of Sacrifice

The old GoSac allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. It would be really awesome to have this back again, because some locks want to play without a demon and feel forced to play with one, because we simply can't afford losing most of the pet utilities (Interrupt mostly).

Bugs & Quality of life:

- When 7.2 went live, the unique voicelines of the glyph demons disappeared. It would be great to see them return!

- The Glyph of wrathguard bug was noticed and hotfixed, but this hotfix did not actually fix the problem. The wrathguard still seems to stand further away from raid bosss than the felguard. This is the cause for wrathguard not using mortal cleave, which results in a big dps loss.

- Many affliction locks loved the old Malefic Grasp animation, perhaps this can be added when you pick the talent. Or maybe this could be made into a Glyph?

- We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, perhaps this could be reintroduced as a class book ability.

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#38 - 2016/09/14 09:54:00 AM
Thanks for the structured feeback so far. I'm going to sticky this thread to keep it visible so other players can contribute their feedback too. :)