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#1 - 2017/02/28 07:59:00 AM
I strongly feel there is an issue regarding Guardian druid threat compared to that of other tanks. I personally have been having issues with this. I have the same gear as the Demon Hunter I tank with regularly. However he has no issues pulling a boss off of me after I have taunted and secured threat. Through his own process he can pull, in fact he can vocalize it. He knows he can pull, and it is not just me he cleared some heroic content over the weekend with two other random druid tanks with same item level and both he said he had no issues pulling off without taunting. Just his normal attackign and abilities. He has in my case had to throttle down his stuff to help with the threat issues, however that holds us back from progression. In some fights we need all the dps we can get and I should not have to worry about the other tank out threating me.

This is also not a isolated incident ;

- On Krosus as a Druid tank I too find this. The dot is ticking on the other tank (Demon Hunter) and he needs to attack to get his heals going and for what ever reason that produces more threat than I can keep up with. I suspect that is the issue, however I am not positive on this. Regardless on this fight I have a very difficult time holding threat, sometimes it requires me to put more rage into Maul rather than defensives, which as you can imagine is not the greatest in progression. However even doing that does not really help.

And there is more posts all starting from September 2016 on a variety of forums and community blogs and I have heard nothing from Blizzard;

These are just some of the known ones, people raising a voice and I do not hear anything from Blizzard! Even a confirmation that Druid threat is fine, is something. Communicate on perhaps what all of these players are doing wrong or what we should be doing....

This is a quote from the Icy-Veins moderator. Obviously not blizzard, but still a site that has decent guides run by very good players. This moderator says,
"This is a blizzard end issue, druid abilities are just not producing the threat that they should be. Why? No idea. I also haven't seen anything from Blizzard saying they know it is a bug. Normally I would chock stuff like this up to the player sucking but the main tank for my guild is an old friend of mine and one of the best druids and best tanks in the world, she has been having major issues all raid with aggro. Several other top druids have said the same".

This is an issue that requires some investigation from the Blizzard people. I love tanking on my druid, I felt the changes that came out a little while ago were valid, I have stuck with the druid. I know they are still one of the best and some would argue the best tank in terms of survivablity etc... But loosing threat to another tank when you have equal or better gear and are pulling the same damage mid fight is just not acceptable. Especially on fights like Krosus were if the other tank pulls off, the stacks of the other tank will climb and it greatly increases the likely hood of a wipe.

Please Blizzard find the time to appoint some people to look into this and address this issue. Thank You for your time :)

Sincerly yours - Guardians of Azeroth

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#4 - 2017/02/28 07:26:00 PM
There are two things going on here:
1) Guardian damage is a little low on the primary target (particularly in a burst context). As people have probably seen on PTR, we're shifting some damage into Mangle in 7.2. However, this isn't enough to account for the "other tank pulled off me immediately after Growl" anecdotes.
2) We're looking into potential bugs that explain that; there may be something inconsistent about the Growl debuff and its threat bonus.