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#1 - 2017/02/02 02:32:00 PM

Unholy is still at the bottom after a brief stop mid tier in 7.1.5.

As of yet even with a recent buff we don't have a recorded parse past High Botanist in Mythic, the date that I've made this edit is March the 2nd.

#undoUDKbetanerfs- The tweet. Unholy was a top 5 spec and Frost is in the top 5 before the questionable nerfs starting 3 months before Legion went live. The unneeded nerfs that took place before Live release need to be retracted along with some other changes noted below.

-Feast of Souls raised from 10% to 30-50%.

-Remove rune cost of AOTD. (cred to Huggablysoft)*
Not possible, got a blue response on this.

-Baseline 1 second GCD.

-Double Doom removed from artifact tree, replaced with the affix currently found on

-New legendary created for unholy to fill the void created by removal of that legendary; players with bracers already should actually get this new item in mail to compensate for the removal of the item.

*OR* I4L changed to burst a minimum of 2 wounds with a chance at bursting two more. Festering Strike changes below would support this and would be needed to support this change. *

-Coil,Dark Xform, Gargoyle Apoc off GCD

-Coil deals 400% AP up from 150%. Still wouldn't be doing more damage than Frost Strike as the dev team intends FS to be the most powerful rune dump but would greatly improve the current state of DC relative to other buffs suggested here. Raise base cost of DC to 40 Rp.

-Festering Strike/Apoc now do Shadow damage instead of physical. Damage raised to 800% AP/Weapon on FeS up from 475%, FeS now applies 4 wounds baseline.

-Clawing Shadows raised to 400% weapon damage up from 156%, Scourge Strike becomes 300% weapon dmg as Shadow 120% physical, up from 125% Physical 65% shadow.

-'Plague' damage removed from our spell school list as it is a split between nature/shadow damage. That's right Necrotic strike/gargoyle only benefit 50% from mastery currently. Plague damage replaced with Shadow damage.

-Weapon damage modified spells must have an Attack Power co efficient added in to prevent scaling issues, in the formula used to calculate damage not through abilities.

-Individual Rune Cool down system from Wrath re implemented to allow us to actually scale with haste. Having passive haste on or off the Death Knight was never the issue, the removal of the individual rune CD is why we've never really scaled with haste after Wrath. At this point with the current changes to our runes the current CD system (one rune remains on cd until the first spent in a pair has come off cd) is very out of date and a tax on an already clunky system.

We don't have rune pairings anymore; we have individual runes. It makes no sense having the cool down of these runes work in a pairing system where one of two runes won't begin to come off cool down until the first spent of two runes has finished cool down.

-Raising value of secondary stats by 15%-20%

-Runic Corruption now affects all 6 runes, not three.

Or just buff the Aura by 40%-60%.

@Blizzdevs: stop listening to the lowest common denominator regarding Unholy. Personally watching the spec go to the bottom looks good on the majority of the community after the idiot show that was the last ptr. That being said, the joke is over.

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#86 - 2017/02/09 09:11:00 PM
02/02/2017 10:26 AMPosted by Raziael
02/02/2017 10:10 AMPosted by Huggablysoft
Also remove the rune cost from Army of the Dead so we can use our 10 minute DPS cooldown without gimping our rotation, thanks.

This would be amazing; also that cd needs to be a 5 minute not 10. Putting your idea in OP.

These threads have been read and re-read many times, and I've observed a lot of developer discussion about Unholy, and the suggestion above sticks out as one that really doesn't fit with the rest of the feedback.

Army of the Dead is intended to be the most cool moment for an Unholy Death Knight. It's supposed to be powerful (and it is) and put on a big show where the UDK shines (and it does). Its cooldown and cost provides a lot of that.

I just wanted you to know-- with concerns like Gargoyle feeling too weak or Virulent Plague not doing enough, there are discussions here and potential for something that we might address --but AotD seems too fun to make it less of a big deal for the player.

Thank you for all the feedback and we hope you keep it coming!

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#417 - 2017/02/26 07:21:00 AM
The gold trait should be changed in an upcoming PTR build to something that doesn't add Festering Wounds (and therefore resources and GCDs) to the rotation, since Unholy is still a bit swamped.