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#1 - 2017/02/04 01:03:00 AM
Every DPS spec except for Mages and Spriest all have the same paragon +x% to all damage done. However Mages and Spriest have +X% done to Arcane/Frost/Fire/Shadow based on their spec.

The problem is, that all specs except for Mages/Spriest whos paragons effects all damage can boost the damage from their Trinkets, Satyr neck enchant, potion of deadly grace, etc. But for mages/spriest unless that proc does the damage their spec does it doesn't scale at all, and at 20/20 that is a 14.5% boost.

For example, the new legendary trinket that all DPS can get does fire damage. So all specs except Arcane/Frost Mage and Spriest who has their paragons get the damage done by that trinket increased by x%.

Can Mages/Spriest get their paragons changed to all damage like all the other dps instead of it being tied to a certain school of magic.

Game Designer
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#15 - 2017/02/17 06:22:00 AM
The new traits that are replacing the 20-point trait on PTR (e.g. ) will affect all damage, including for specs that didn't get that benefit from the previous version. That still leaves the initial 5% 35-point trait that still exists, but that's no more than a 5% swing in the value of trinkets.