Regional Flag[!] Class Hall Campaign buggedSource
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#1 - 2016/08/31 01:53:00 AM
[The Firstborn Rises] is completely broken for characters that were recently faction /server transfered.
You get phased into a version of Durotar where Vol'jins funeral is still taking place, the extra action button never appears. And no, relogging or trying to get a friend to phase you doesn't work.
If this isn't fixed really soon we 're seriously going to need some sort of catch up mechanic as we re far behind with our campaign. Can't even unlock 3rd relic slot.
Really sad for people who purchased a transfer feelsbad

Community Manager
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#9 - 2016/08/31 10:41:00 AM
Hey there, this is something we're currently looking into and I'd like to apologise for the inconvenience this is causing.

For the time-being our friendly Game Masters can assist you with rectifying this issue so that you can proceed with your Order Hall campaign. :)

Just open a ticket in-game and a Game Master will assist you as soon as they can.