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#1 - 2017/02/20 10:19:00 AM
Hi everyone! I wanted to create this thread to gather all the new artifact traits complaints into one place so that it is easier to find them and contribute for everybody.

If you want simply write the name of the class, spec, artifact trait and briefly explain why you don't like.

Ret paladin
Judge unworthy
avenging wrath reduces the cd of judgment by 50%

This trait in my opinion must be changed a little because it provides 0% dps gain with crusade. Even If this has to be a trait that favors divine purpose or holy wrath, it still needs to do something for crusade or we will have another trait like echo of the highlord that excluded consecration and execution sentence from talent choices.
add something to the trait like holy power generation or increased crit during judgment window or make it something like hammer of wrath: during avenging wrath and under35% health your judgment is replaced by hammer of wrath(has 50% cd reduction and generates holy power or has a 10% increased damageand crit chance)

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#3 - 2017/02/22 11:55:00 PM
We actually have a thread dedicated to 7.2 artifact feedback already in the 7.2 PTR forum :)