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#1 - 2017/02/17 03:24:00 PM
I saw some changes on PTR and I must say: it's not great. At all. Weapon is TOO big now - okay, swords and axes are rather good when armed but they look awful on character's back. And polearms? Bulky.

Female blood elves always were graceful, and weapon looks on live are just perfect for them. Please, don't make weapon bigger on them, it ruins blood elf elegancy. Thanks.

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#25 - 2017/02/22 11:46:00 AM
This came up while we were addressing clipping issues with some of the Artifact weapons and we noticed a few race’s weapon scales felt off.

The blood elf female's weapons felt so small that the impact of the weapon was lost, meanwhile the human female’s weapon felt comically large. We adjusted the scaling as little as possible in order to maintain the weapon fantasy the scaling provides (i.e. The human female still has large weapons, but now that those weapons are slightly scaled down her hand can ‘properly’ hold it better, the blood elf female's weapons should feel a bit more impactful now).

Taurens (of both genders) have also had their weapon sizes slightly decreased as well, for similar reasons.

All that being said, I will bump up some of the examples raised in this thread. :)