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#1 - 2017/03/08 05:17:00 PM
I see where this is going, and I know Blizz's standpoint on the issue. I'm looking for the opinions of those of us playing the game. How do you feel about P2W and the effects it has on the spirit of the game? If you were in charge where would you draw the line?

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So I understand Blizz has been banning players who partake in selling raid runs, and by extension the gear that comes with it, for real world money. These have been seen in the group finder tab lately, and in order to avoid being caught they encourage players to join a Skype call so there's no record of them trying to sell an in-game service tied to their account.

I've heard some reasoning that this ruins the nature of the game by essentially making it pay-to-win, especially in rated PvP. While this argument is valid, how does this differ from people buying Blizzard tokens from the Blizzard shop and using the gold from that to buy a carry? I know it all boils down to the Blizzard ToS we all agree to when we start playing the game, but doesn't buying carries with gold made by selling a Blizzard token have the same impact as buying runs with real money? It amounts to the same idea of spending actual money to gain gear and achievements in-game.

I'm not going to say what's right and wrong, or what should or should not be done. That said what do the rest of you think about the idea of banning the act of selling carries for gold? It's honestly a gray area since you could make all your gold in-game, but at the same time real money could be used as well.

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#62 - 2017/03/08 06:53:00 PM
I appreciate the input, but there is a sticky on this topic where the discussion belongs.