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#1 - 2017/02/23 08:57:00 AM

Can we get some details why this item got nerfed so hard?

It was good for every spec allowing for easier respecing which was a good thing. It was making the mage class very fluid and viable both for m+ and raids. Nerfing it will hurt all mages regardless of the spec.

If it's possible I would really appreciate if you could consider reverting the change or tuning it a little bit less harshly accordingly to your further testing. My suggestion would be to keep it working like before but second third etc Time Warp can be shorter like 20 seconds which would be a nerf yes but wouldn't make the legendary trash.

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#8 - 2017/03/07 02:29:00 AM
While we do think the Shard of the Exodar is slightly overperforming, we've been discussing the 7.2 redesign and aren't happy with it, particularly in regards to some usability issues that the change created. We're going to revert the change from Patch 7.2 in an upcoming PTR build, and look into other potential tuning options for the future.