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#1 - 2016/08/10 04:43:00 PM
High Elves on Alliance side would make my day, month... YEAR, even. Mostly because I figure that the storyline would be amazing. I love being a BE, but I loathe being Horde. Let me explain.

I have this character and a Demon Hunter BE and I adore them both, BUT, I absolutely 100% dislike being on the horde side. The only Leader I like on horde side is Sylvanas. I dislike most of the Horde storylines and all but Undercity are places to avoid in my opinion. If High Elves were introduced into the Alliance, I would faction change in a heartbeat.

Also, I couldn't care less about "Faction Imbalance" for the simple fact that if the noticeable difference is lessened ONLY because of BE's for the most part, and would reappear with High Elves... it just seems stupid that I've seen so many defensive Horde players against High Elves and wanting to keep the Pop balanced. If people dislike playing on the Horde side so much but only do it for the BE race, it would be amazing to find a "Happy Medium".

Honestly, it all comes back to the reason that I just don't get the whole argument about "Faction Balance" when it should be more focused on making the game Enjoyable. And being stuck with the Horde storyline (not counting Sylvanas, she's awesome) if I want to play my BE's? Ugh.

Any others out there think this Race in The Alliance would be amazing?

(Any haters that I mentioned earlier don't need to worry about commenting, already heard all the complaints about Population Imbalance and the subtle hidden version of that same complaint with the fact that "Lore Wouldn't Fit", because it does.)

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#104 - 2017/02/27 10:54:00 PM
Necros upon necros!