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#1 - 2017/02/27 01:08:00 PM
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    Walking in air, mining ore nodes & further disrupting WoW Token prices. I seen him yesterday level 101, walked straight into rocks & avoided my capture. Not today, and he's level 104. It would be highly unfortunate if consequences were to hit his account.

    Also, Totem-Bots are back in PvP. Counterstrike Totem is consistently killed within a ~500 millisecond period, too consistent to merely be a “good player.” Interrupt bots, too.

    Cheaters ruin everything. Can we just permanently remove them from the picture in the next ban wave?

    P.S: is the place to do so, yes? Because I just did with the uncensored screenshot.

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    #26 - 2017/02/27 06:32:00 PM
    That would be the place to go, yep.

    You could also email [email protected], or report the player(s) through CS either in-game via the help menu or out-of-game here.

    Locking this down as support has been given where needed.