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#1 - 2017/02/23 01:49:00 PM
So I deleted my demon hunter shortly after making because I found the horns ugly so I made a new one and I cant make one (creation is throttled christs sake). I searched for that issue and found a post of a GM that says it's a known problem and it takes some time until one can make a new one (which is not understandable or do you remember that was the case with DKs who also are hero class).

So 1 day has passed and I would really want to make a DH now but it still doesnt work. What should I do now? And why is this?

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#16 - 2017/02/23 04:07:00 PM
Hello Laurentio,

As far as i can see, you have opened a ticket already. The Colleagues will be back to you as soon as possible and should be able to get it sorted for you. It looks like somehow the Demonhunter creation is a bit "stuck" for your Account, but like i said, we should get that sorted for you.

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