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#1 - 2017/02/14 09:02:00 PM
As a successful business guru in game, I've always found it interesting that people are willing to bet their money in a lotto, or raid carry etc and not say its a scam until they get ripped off yet when it comes to me allowing people to invest in my guild GUARANTEE their initial deposits (Not necessarily their gains) it's called a scam without them even attempting to do it?

Outta the 3 years i've ran my guild,countless tickets i've opened up screenshotted as and showed as proof that what i was doing was fine and the fact ive had well over 1,000 members between my guilds back in WoD before it fully became gold focused. It's still deemed a scam. I have a feeling that everyone who jumps on the bandwagon calling me a scammer has no idea what a scam is.

To make it simple, a scam is simply a dishonest act you do to gain something unfairly from someone else.

If i'm telling people one thing and do something else for my benefit at the expense of them THATS A SCAM. If i tell people one thing and dont follow through on my obligation THATS A SCAM.

If i tell people one thing and follow through on my obligations THAT IS NOT A SCAM.

If i tell people who work for me they will make x amount in salary and x amount for a double rate in the AH for mats and i follow through on it ITS NOT A SCAM.

With that being said , you guys are inclined to think whatever you want and feel however you want about how i run my guilds or what i offer to people i do business with. However, all the claims are based on assumptions and they only ever gain traction not because their right or you have evidence of wrong doing but because of confirmation bias and if you don't know what that is its When people would like a certain idea/concept to be true (such as people thinking i'm a scammer), they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the prejudices view one would like to be true. Now i know what you're thinking.. I said earlier their claims were based on assumptions right? They are and ill explain why..

Months ago i posted accounting data to prove that my guild had the gold i stated. The issue was, that accountant addon that i used was viewed as unreliable as well as tickets from blizzard by the mob. The reason the addon was viewed this way was because it had slight bugs, the bugs being when it comes to transfers as an example to guild vaults, moving gold to other toons etc. As far as tickets go those were viewed as fake even after i showed the email address in which it came from.

To further prove that i had a high amount of members and that i keep record of everything i also showed spreadsheets of everyone who registered as a supplier for me what did the mob continue to think? FAKE anyone could fake it did they show any evidence to disprove it ? No. I think anyone with common sense could tell the spreadsheet wasn't faked and i dont think anyone would waste hours of their day faking hundreds of signatures on these spreadsheets to try to prove something wasn't a scam if it actually was. Doesn't make sense to me.

On top of this not only have i done all that ive even shown income statements to prove my guild was profitable this would also disprove any accusation of a ponzi/Pyramid scheme because it shows that income isn't derived from just people investing it comes from multiple sources. Investments are also deemed as accounts payable anyways.

Furthermore if what im doing actually was a scam please explain why in the 3 years ive been running my guild ive never been banned or suspended for anything related to my guild.

I want your thoughts, if you still think what im doing is scamming show some form of actual evidence instead of just some biased opinion or baseless accusation. That's all i ask, keep it logical if you can't do that don't comment so the people who actually want to logically argue with me can speak.

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#26 - 2017/02/14 09:31:00 PM
It's just one vacation after another for employees of Crimson Corp.

Must be a happy place.