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#1 - 2017/02/14 01:21:00 PM
I made a ticket yesterday about how i killed Krosus on HC for the first time and couldn't open the chest or receive loot. The answer to my problem was quite baffling i'll post a screenshot of the answer from the Game Master so you can make what you want of it.

PS: This was not the answer what i was hoping for at all.

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#15 - 2017/02/14 01:59:00 PM
Hey there Enhancement,

If you have any feedback about the Game Master that handled your ticket, then you can leave this directly in the survey that follows a contact. There is however no need to open multiple topics about the same issue, so I will be locking this duplicate thread down now.

That being said, the loot lock-outs are indeed split into difficulties, so having killed Krosus on Normal wouldn't have impacted your first kill on Heroic.
If you ran with Personal Loot, then any loot pieces you could not pick up from the chest directly would have ended up in your mailbox though. If you didn't see anything there, then the chest won't have contained much more than a few gold coins which is not something the Postmaster system would pick up however.

If you frequently have problems with looting chests, then make sure to retest things after a User Interface Reset.