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#1 - 2017/02/14 11:26:00 AM
What the hell blizzard, Now you really have to stop...
How low can you sink in the depths of stupidity.
Ok that you add worthless [email protected]#$ like this.
But for everyone's and your sake Blizz have a
Timewalk/Mythic Dungeons/PVP etc.. Like really are yall at "Blizzard" Activision
hard working game developers having an aneurysm?
For a whole week we have to have a weekly quest no one gives 2 slaughered cute critter's hanging from the world tree about.

FIne, Have ur fun pet battle bull%^-* - Just dont leave 90% of the population with slaps in our face. And you'r own tbh. Here have a slap BlizzQ!
Hard to implement 2 weekly quests at the same time lol?
where we can choose 1 or the other, Not both. Shiet hire me lol.
I will make some fun events, Like Going to GM island and nuke your critter's with a "Big Love Rocket" All the way in as far as it can go and then BOOOOM!!!

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#3 - 2017/02/14 11:36:00 AM