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#1 - 2016/10/22 06:09:00 PM
Hi, I just wondered if you knew that a LOT of players in WoW actually are scared of interacting with people and uses the game to have some kind of contact with other people?
That a lot of players have soloed the WHOLE game, questing, grinding, running dungeons solo when they reach a lvl that allow them to clear one a lot lower than themselves?
That these players actually take pride in their characters, their professions and their achievements?
Did you know that they also need their professions to scale their level so that they can handle themselves SOLO?
Did you also know that they want to experience the game that they pay the exact same amount of their hard earned gold/RL money as a hardcore raider do?

But Legion did something to the professions and to the game progress. It forces you into dungeons, mythics and raids to get those last points, that last artifact, those patterns you need to reach 800 and so on.

Do we get some portion of our money/gold back because we are forced to do something we for the life of us DON'T want or CAN'T do just to keep up with the rest of the players? The players that terrify us with their kicking out of raid because we don't fit/do enough/are scared/don't wear top notch gear... Way to go with "buffing" our already busted egos...

Atleast give us an option to do something else for a "lesser" pattern or campaign...

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#2198 - 2017/02/09 01:00:00 PM
Thanks for all the feedback in this thread. Unfortunately the discussion has broken down into an argument going around in circles and getting increasingly heated, as a result I'm going to throw a lock on it here.