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#1 - 2017/02/08 08:25:00 PM
So this is a bit of a badly written post.
But it is something that needs to be said.

I will not give any names because that is apparently "name shaming"
or some such nonsense. Nonsense. Informing people of somebody doing messed up things is what we need to do.
NOT THE SAME THING, but pedophiles have to register and inform their surrounding neighbors that they are a known !@#$%^-*!....So why should abusers/slanderers not have to do the same?

But anyway. To the topic.
There is one particular troll on Icecrown-Malygos.
They called the police on a woman who owns a daycare, claiming that the woman is beating the children. They are the mother to a friend of mine in real life.
My friend broke up with the person that called the police. And they did that.
and now they are rampaging around our server attacking anybody and everybody who says anything even remotely against her.

She has taken a personal disliking to me because I know every one of their alts, and call them out on their bull every time they try and fake like its not them doing those terrible things to people on our server.
They took to naming alt toons of theirs after my characters.
So I have a Mini of each of my toons on Icecrown, running around pretending to be me, and doing a very bad job of it lol.
My guilds name is Sacred. so they made a guild named Sacrosanct. Full of all my Mini versions of me that they created.

So my whole guild went and made mini versions of all their toons and alts.
Turns out they cant handle that much pressure and they have been gone for almost a week now.

Some of us contacted their guild leader on their main guild on Sargeras, to inform them of what that person had been doing, providing screenshots from the past four months. What happened after that, I do not know.

My only question is: Why didnt blizzard step in when whole guilds were reporting this player, and not even just mine.
And why did they not punish the player for their slander and such via in-game communications?
This person accused my friends mother of being a child beater AT HER OWN DAYCARE....and they said such things in-game. But Blizzard will not do anything.
We have opened up multiple tickets of their abuse.
Some of it was back and forth between me. I was not reporting them for that.
I was reporting them for what they were doing to other players.
Its a violation of the ToS but Blizzard refuses to do anything.
I even had guild members leave previously because of this player.
But still nothing has been done.

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#13 - 2017/02/08 10:16:00 PM
I apologize that you've had to deal with harassment, and there are definitely policies in place to prevent and respond to these matters. If this is something that is taking place outside of the game, then your local authorities are the better place for this to be handled.

These in-game matters are something best left to Customer Support, either through tickets or, if you have a question, on the Customer Support forum.

You've gotten some pointers here, and I don't see this going anywhere constructive, so I'm going to go ahead and close this thread.