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#1 - 2017/02/07 01:03:00 PM
Players won't be able to afford it => Less people to play with.
Less People to play with => Less fun everyone will be having.
Imagine waiting for a tank after 30%~+ decrease in players,
Pet battle PVP queue longer than 40 minutes
Playing arenas vs the same team x10 in a row
Having a single guild in the realm that can clear content while the others struggle to find players for even heroic or to attempt mythic.

Less Fun => Even less reason to keep paying to play.

I think it's time to split the token - 1 for B-net Balance and the other 1 Strictly for WoW Subscription.

The way it's heading botters will sell and keep selling junk they farm and then pre-paid accounts for people to play on, on shady websites.

It's bad enough people purchase accounts with characters having good legendaries, but now we'll also see people "pre-purchasing" whole accounts with WoW game time in them, or hearthstone cards & Diablo games / Hots Skins

I swapped 4 guilds at the very least in WoD due to lack of players, can't imagine how things will go in legion if this actually goes through.

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#23 - 2017/02/07 02:20:00 PM
Please use the thread linked below to continue this disucssion, thanks. :)