Regional FlagCan we please not change F-Blood Elves faces?Source
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#1 - 2017/01/21 05:14:00 AM
Just logged in to the PTR and immediately noticed that have altered my favorite face (#3) along with a few others.

We do you feel like changing them after nearly 2 years? Can't we just please leave them alone? Or maybe even add the old once as seperate faces!

Either way, i sincerly ask you to revert this change or atleast let us keep the old faces somehow!

I realize its incredibly unlikely anyone of importance will read this, but you know, got to try.

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#10 - 2017/01/26 02:02:00 AM
25/01/2017 01:59Posted by Talyria
This honestly just looks like case of no rigging in the faces themselves, you know, the same way a model could be in it's t-pose.

This is pretty close, actually. There was a bug in this build that prevented the Female Blood Elf's face from articulating properly. We'll be fixing it in a future build.