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#1 - 2017/01/20 11:39:00 PM
I have never, in all my years of wow, come to the forums to complain about anything before today.

Suramar City is NOT enjoyable. I don't understand why this entire zone was devised and then required for folks who cared about getting flight. If I wanted to play siphon filter or metal gear solid, I'd go play those. The frequency of revealing mobs, the speed that they reveal you, and then the massive numbers of (now) enemy mobs that instantly attack you is just absolutely maddening, especially in the later phases of the suramar city quests..

Then, of course, there's the annoyance of actually getting around in suramar, because it's multiple levels with distant stairwells that are always teeming with revealing mobs..

I have a stealth class with a race that gives me a vanish every 2 minutes, and this saves me from at least some deaths, Frankly I don't know how classes without stealth are even coming close to finishing this zone.

Please, please, please, just reduce the number of revealing mobs or reduce the range of their reveal..

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#22 - 2017/01/21 12:36:00 AM
I've personally never had a problem with it so far. It's a bit frustrating at times, sure, but it makes it more dangerous which isn't inherently bad. You have to watch your placement when fighting in the city, and watch where you're walking when running around.

It takes a bit of time to learn where the stairs and elevators are, but once you got that down, as well as the portal system, it's really quite simple to get around.

I can understand people think it's not for everyone, but every part of World of Warcraft isn't necessarily catered for every style of play - and getting folks to play a style they aren't accustomed to isn't bad. It's good to have that little bit of difficulty to nudge you to, as the Pandaren say, slow down.