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#1 - 2017/01/09 09:54:00 PM
So we get the option of finally been able to have alts in pvp with the catch up system, great idea btw. just to have it totally shot down 100% by the 35+ been enabled in PVP. gear dose not matter as much i heard at the beginning of the expand release. that was very exciting news. due to dont need to farm as much, can be more balanced. keep it maxed at 34 traits, lol pvp dmg is allready insane nvm with the cap of 14.5% more damage. im out gg blizz re rolling pve.

Been thinking guys for a fix and this fix is-

Make all weapons for each specc the same artifact level! as in if my elemental weapon is 38 make my resto, enhance 38. this way i am free to play what ever i feel, and my grinding goes towards that 35+ traits in pvp! on all my weapons. i could live with that.


Blizzard disabled the 35+ traits till legion season 3 now lets make them keep it this way! i understand why the did it due to lack of notice, giving us time to catch our alts up. good call finally blizzard! maybe we can convince you to keep it this way. the argument the gm made in this post is character progression, your telling me progression is spamming MOS mythic+ for AP is progression? progression to me is alts, multiple speccs, mastering your class, others. i understand the damage % for pve ofc then it makes pve competitive. i just feel damage is already high in arena, to a point to much. glad a lot of people posted here, good to see a lot of us have the same views about time blizzard listened to us. Thanks guys.

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#130 - 2017/01/10 09:30:00 PM
Character progression is a core element of World of Warcraft, and that includes PvP. In Legion, empowering your Artifact to become stronger is a key part of character progression. When Artifact Knowledge levels were low at the beginning of the expansion, we deactivated the 35+ Artifact Traits in instanced PvP to avoid having large power gaps when compared to players who hadn't made much progress on their Artifact yet.

In Patch 7.1.5, we added several methods that allow players to catch up their Artifact progression very quickly. Brand new players can advance up to Artifact Knowledge level 15 without any research time, and existing players can mail Artifact Knowledge Compendiums to alts, which immediately bring them as high as level 20. At this point, the power gap between a player with 35+ traits in their Artifact and a player just starting out is significantly less of a concern, as the gap can be closed very rapidly. For those reasons, we felt that Patch 7.1.5 was the right time to re-open Artifact progression to PvPers who had already earned the first 34 traits.

However, we did not communicate this change (and its purpose) with enough advance notice to allow players to effectively prepare for it. Furthermore, while the improvements in Patch 7.1.5 make it much easier to unlock those final traits for new players or alternate characters, they weren't available until today. While we still believe activating these traits is the correct choice for World of Warcraft PvP, the middle of an ongoing season is not the right time to make this change.

As of a few minutes ago, we've applied a hotfix that once again disables the 35+ Artifact Traits in instanced PvP on North American and Oceanic servers. In other regions, this hotfix will be applied with the patch. The 35+ Artifact Traits will remain disabled for Legion PvP Season 2.

Once Season 3 begins, we'll re-enable them. Note that Patch 7.2 will include some further expansions to the Artifact system that will make it highly valuable to have spent some Artifact Power on those traits (another reason we feel it's important that they be enabled in PvP). We'll have more details to share on those changes once Patch 7.2 has begun its public testing phase.

Thanks for your feedback and understanding on this topic.