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#1 - 2017/01/04 09:09:00 PM
Continuation thread from as the previous was capped.
previous thread covered a lot of QoL issues, legendary discussion, ST issue, and some mechanical issues with the spec
Some things to note
    Legendary belt was nerfed.
    Hati received a "speed" buff
    talent optimization is still an issue
    rotation is still focus heavy and punishing with out the right legendaries
    Pet pathing is still a big problem and may not function well with blink strikes
    Pet AI is still bad refer to first thread for picture example
    BM suffers from the fundamental problem of requiring Apex predator claw and either the belt or bracers to be remotely near the lower middle pack of dps

Rotation metrics for BM

Broken pet pathing due to Helya knock back in Maw of Souls

Looking for also pvp input from any pvpers for another perspective.

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#11 - 2017/01/04 11:08:00 PM
I've asked the development team on clarification regarding the belt nerf specifically, and will share when I hear something.

Outside of this, we are still aware of the overall BM feedback, and I'm continuing to document everything and pass it along.

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#23 - 2017/01/05 12:04:00 AM
The belt change is part of an overall balance pass on a few legendaries, following what Lore mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and wasn't meant as a specific targeted change to the BM rotation.

To be frank, I don't play Beast Master, so I'm not fully aware of the "consequences" of this legendary, specifically, to the rotation. I read that it resolved focus issues, but our goal should be for these legendaries to augment gameplay, not to provide a necessary change to the spec such to that it cannot perform without it. Feel free to enlighten me.