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#1 - 2016/12/23 09:43:00 PM
Hey all,

We wanted to clarify a couple of points surrounding the end of the recent PvP season.

First - players who were eligible for the “Vindictive Gladiator” title will not receive their title until after the holidays – there is currently an issue with the delivery of the title, and we will be looking at this over the coming weeks.

Second – we are currently looking into the number of titles that have been handed out to make sure they match our expectations. We will be reviewing our rewards process and this past season's data over the next few weeks. We expect to have more information for you in early January.

We’d like to apologize to the players impacted by this, as it was never our intention to disrupt the PvP community in such a way. We are looking towards addressing these issues sooner rather than later so future seasons can go on undisrupted.

Happy holidays!