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#1 - 2016/12/07 10:04:00 PM
At the Q&A today Ion asked for more UH feedback on issues we are having besides APOC. While we do hate the RNG related to APOC that is not our core issues.

The biggest thing we need fixed is scaling and that is true to Frost and Blood as well. The second that I see more often is how our mobility being so low but our DPS is bottom of the barrel.

What is the most disturbing thing about the Q&A addressed to us is that you think we are not giving our thoughts or ideas on the class and that APOC with RNG is the only issue we have (yes it is a issue of ours dealing with rotational flow). There are some great players out there that are giving you wonderful solutions to our issues. To say that you are not seeing anything else from the community is a slap in the face to these players. DK's have not been addressed for months prior to this little thing given today in the Q&A and that our Bracers are too overpowered.

So here are some wonderful threads that keep talking about the state of DKs and ideas that can help improve us.

This is a fantastic topic put together by Sidion that also has many replies talking about more issues and ideas

Here is another fantastic post by Skaz in the General forums that he brought over from the DK ones

Here is Skaz's post on the DK forums

Here is one talking about how we want some real dialogue

These 3 posts are ones about us Uniting to try and get some feed back (2 which capped 3rd which has 1500+ posts).

This is on the DK forums and talks about some of the things you addressed to us

Great post about Blood DKs

Old DK thread on PTR forums

If you would like to talk too DK's live we have a good Discord (Posting here so you don't have to dig around Icy-Veins to find it)

Reply from Ulthas that is worth reading
12/07/2016 02:29 PMPosted by Ulthas
High level for the Devs.

1. having Damage Mitigation problems during spikes.
2. High mobility fights killing effectiveness to tank

1. Mobility. I don't think I have to say more
2. Scaling issues
3. Poor artifact traits
4. Poor quality Utility/overpruned

1. Terrible scaling issues
2. Mobility
3. Too RNG dependent

Many of the threads mentioned by the OP talk about these exact issues with our class. You haven't done much to address any of this in 7.1.5

Post by Orcs here in PTR, Second one is his post on DK forums

A post on PTR talking about multiple issues by Fcpremix

Tomyre really goes into how much RNG UH DK's have and not just with wounds. Also he speaks to the loss of our 1 GCD which leaves us RP capped for crazy long periods of time

[Feedback] 7.1.5 Unholy. Another PTR post pointing in the direction of Sidion and hte DK forums.

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#197 - 2016/12/14 01:12:00 AM
Quick note on a small upcoming change: in the next PTR build, Apocalypse will burst up to 6 Festering Wounds (instead of 8). However, the damage of the summoned ghouls will be increased by 33% (which will not be obvious from data), keeping the total the same. This is also a large buff to the damage of Army of the Dead. Finally, in a separate change, the damage of the summoned Gargoyle and Val'kyr will be increased.

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#202 - 2016/12/14 01:50:00 AM
12/13/2016 05:49 PMPosted by Deathköw
However, will apocalypse continue to burst 4 wounds in pvp?


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#339 - 2016/12/22 03:27:00 AM
An upcoming PTR hotfix (unsure of timing) will increase the damage of Portal to the Underworld and proc rate of Armies of the Damned.

One other set of changes is meant to help free up a little space in the rotation, or at least get back to the point where you're not frequently wasting resources due to not having enough time to spend them all. We're reducing a few effects that inject large amount of resources into the rotation (such as Pestilent Pustules) and increasing overall damage slightly. The net result is that people playing busy builds like Castigator/Pestilent Pustules/Infected Claws will likely still be using most or all of their global cooldowns on abilities, but will less often be in a state where they ignore or overcap Runic Power.

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#417 - 2016/12/23 03:05:00 AM
At the same time as Pestilent Pustules and Runic Corruption changes are on PTR, Unholy should also have increases to Portal to the Underworld damage, Armies of the Damned proc rate, Death Coil damage, and a small increase to all damage.