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#1 - 2016/12/08 08:49:00 PM
What was mentioned about Warlocks in yesterday's Q&A and the recent blue posts from Watcher were a great first step and I applaud the team for admitting some of the shortcomings with each spec. However, these issues were the tip of the iceberg, can we get some confirmation that other aspects of the class are also being discussed internally? Some of the main issues that have been raised by the community since alpha include:

  • Destruction
  • RNG mastery is universally disliked
  • Lack of a compelling burst CD
  • Redesign of Fire and Brimstone fundamentally changed how we AoE for the worse
  • Loss of visual effects associated with burning embers
  • Large number of abilities removed from baseline kit and added to talent tree when compared with other classes (Backdraft, Shadowburn, Demonic Circle, Fire and Brimstone)
  • Lack of a baseline interrupt or access to pet abilities when taking sacrifice
  • Talent row changes which reduced our survivability, contrary to the "doubling down on strengths" comment
  • Upcoming Shadowburn change which will make it a dead talent
  • Low single target dps coupled with low mobility
  • cast time on shadowfury has never been explained

  • Demonology
  • Glyph of Wrathguard removed
  • Imps do not summon if Hand of Gul'dan is the killing blow, lands after target is dead, or if a Hunter Feigns Death
  • Over reliance on hard casting and crippling effect of heavy movement in the dps rotation
  • Pet AI has multiple issues and target swapping is a serious problem
  • Lack of compelling demons to summon, the community is generally unimpressed by imp and dog summons as the "master summoner" class fantasy

  • Affliction
  • Trinkets proccing on Soul Effigy is a problem
  • Feast or famine RNG shard generation
  • The role of two gold traits which only activate on kills during raid encounters
  • The rate at which tormented souls accumulate in encounters without adds
  • Lack of visuals
  • Very boring rotation, especially if absolute corruption is talented
  • UA stacking not well received by the community
  • Low damage of dots when compared with other classes

  • Class Wide Issues
  • Sin'dorei Spite is the BiS legendary for all specs but drops only for Demonology
  • Life Tap is disliked by the majority of the Warlock player base and does not feel rewarding to use
  • Utility of healthstones is subpar compared to consumables, opposite of lust/drums
  • Class Mount not well recieved
  • Spec specific pet traits remove choice from the player
  • All specs are unable to do good ST and AoE with one talent build, contrary to mage/hunter/ele shaman design
  • General feeling of distrust and neglect

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#12 - 2016/12/10 03:18:00 AM
One problem that Destruction Warlock had was a number of talent rows with very obvious "single-target" vs. "AoE" talent picks. This has clear downsides--a requirement to swap talents often (and as a corollary, a feeling of being significantly crippled when not using the ideal talent loadout for a given situation). Clearly, it's a DPS loss single-target to say you can no longer have both Eradication and Reverse Entropy, and a DPS loss in some AoE situations to say you can no longer have both Cataclysm and Fire and Brimstone. But making that swap, and then making sure throughout PTR that Destruction DPS remains reasonably consistent with live, will leave the spec more well-rounded and not as pigeonholed by talent choices in a given situation. PTR already has buffs to Doomguard and Imp damage that help with numbers in all situations, as well as buffs to various talents to help futher improve flexibility.