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#1 - 2016/12/06 05:44:00 AM
The last PTR build saw 2 major changes to the Emerald Dreamcatcher.

The first; the duration was changed from 3 seconds down to 2 seconds, which has removed, arguably, the most fun and legitimately interactive play style Balance druid has ever seen in this games life, in favour of "dump 3 starsurges in a row".

The second; the buff now scales with haste, so no matter the temporary buffs we have, under no circumstance can we salvage the play style we loved and "weave" spells between starsurges, cheating the duration of the legendary helm.


You've made it clear the legendary helm was only ever meant for "dumping" multiple starsurges in a row, but what happened was the community discovered a legitimately engaging and FUN way to game the buff and maintain a 50-70% uptime. It would sound legitimately broken but when we look to overwhelming amounts of logs and real world numbers you see Moonkin is still paling in comparison to every other single class.

Warcraftlogs shows us less than 14 recorded balance druids completing an m15 within the timer in the last 2 weeks, which included the EASIEST combination of affixes for high key pushing. Moonkin has become a running joke within m+ pug groups regardless of legendaries and gear, the attitude is "Can you play resto or bear?".

When we look to raids, where it would have more of an impact, because surely a 50-70% buff uptime would be gamebreaking, we see it isn't the case. I'm filtering EN by 95% of parses, that's where legitimately good players are parsing now with EN so old, it's safe to say they have optimal legendaries (mostly).


Nearly pure single target fights, nearly IDEAL for gaming the legendary helm and Moonkin is still below average.

As we move away from helm-favoured fights, 2-3 target sustained cleave, Moonkin moves up to "middle of the road".


It's no secret Moonkin is in a terrible spot right now, regardless of legendaries, then you move to nerf secondaries AND our best (single target) legendary based purely on pride, because we're not using it with your original design goal in mind. Spare us.

I definitely don't agree with legendaries being too strong for some specs, it's not fair to people that are stuck at your non-existent soft cap of 4 and didn't find their own Dreamcatcher. But completely gutting the only FUN design we've seen in my memory isn't the right way to do it.

This is the Moonkin community reaching out to ask that you make Nature's Balance BASELINE. Then move the old legendary helm in to the old level 100 talent space that NB occupied. Rework the actual helm to however you want after that. The current "Surgeweaving" build is so ridiculously important to making the spec feel faster paced, engaging and allowing competent players to stand out from their peers that it would be a shame to lose, having it on a talent row leaves it optional for players that don't have the gear or motivation to take advantage of it.

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#65 - 2016/12/06 11:26:00 PM
We want to reduce the overall strength of the Emerald Dreamcatcher, but agree that removing the “Surgeweaving” playstyle it allows isn’t ideal. So, we’re going to take a different approach. Instead of adjusting the buff’s duration, we’re going to reduce the Astral Power cost reduction to 7 per stack (down from 10). This should allow you to continue the playstyle of weaving spells in-between Starsurges, but still lower the gap between players who have the Emerald Dreamcatcher and those who don’t.