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#1 - 2016/11/28 01:58:00 AM
I recently saw the PTR sephuz's secret "Buffs"

It's almost as if Blizzard doesn't listen. Did you hear a single person say the buff should be increased duration or more haste?

Thanks for adding an additional option to proc with interrupt, but seriously what is the point of increasing haste when everyone was complaining about how it procs? followed by stats.

Anyway, here is how I believe you could truly buff this legendary (best to worst)..

1) To make this viable for raids, please allow it to work how it currently works but on top of that allow us to have it proc on immune targets i.e. a boss in a raid.

2) Make this a random proc on a damaging ability with a certain proc rate and cooldown.

3) Change the primary stats to mastery and hast or crit. Or someone change it like a trinket where it picks the best stat for that class.. Shoot maybe even a primary stat and a secondary stat this way you can hit any class as this is a multi-class legendary.




n) What you did in PRT

n+1) What it currently is..

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#47 - 2016/12/06 12:50:00 AM
The intent is not for Sephuz's Secret to be 100% useful in all situations. If it was, as many of you in this thread have pointed out, there's several straightforward and easy ways to accomplish that.

However, with that design, it's important that where it's good, it's REALLY good. The 7.1 version wasn't quite there, which is why we made the 7.1.5 changes to increase its effectiveness when you can activate it. We also added a couple more ways for it to activate (interrupts and dispels) to allow more specs some better methods of activating it.