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#1 - 2016/11/22 09:23:00 PM
Looking for one that is ACTIVE during the daytime. I'm in a great guild but I am so sick of just 1-5 people on and right before I log out for bed, 20+ people all start logging in! I work EARLY in the morning, like before most sane people are awake. SO I go to bed at 6pm EST. I haven't been able to do ANY guild dungeons or raids for years and I am [email protected]#$ing SICK of it. I want to make a new alt to start off from scratch, maybe a shammy or hunter. Need a DAYTIME guild to play in.

Oh and LGBT as well, if possible. Or, at least, not full of sick, homophobic pricks that delight in harassing others.

Thanks in advance for any CONSTRUCTIVE help and comments! :)

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#31 - 2016/11/22 10:19:00 PM
Ödÿn, appreciate the reaching out here and such, but I would agree that the realm or guild recruitment forums are probably best for this. Proudmoore-US is known to have numerous LGBTQ-friendly guilds and groups, and I'm sure you could find a guild there that will suit you.

Best of luck!