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#1 - 2016/11/17 01:28:00 PM
Corgi pup...wait what!!

Unless Blizzard are catering for the queen (which I don't think plays this game but don't hold me that) I don't see how a Corgi pup in the slighest symbolises WoW and celebrating 12 years?

Am I missing something? Is there going to be a Corgi Pup as the final boss of this expansion?


It is ok guys I have finally managed to solve my mystery!!

If I take the word 'Corgi' and move the letters around I can spell 'Corig'.

There is in fact a Posions and Reagents vendor in Storm Peaks called 'Corig the Cunning'!!

Very clever Blizzard!! Or shouldn I say 'Cunning'!!

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#32 - 2016/11/17 03:56:00 PM
We gave away a Molten Corgi (a pun on the name of the Molten Core raid) for logging in during the 10th anniversary. We received a lot of positive feedback about how cute the little pup was, so like most pet families in the game, a few more variants have been added.

So, for the 12th anniversary you have the option to buy another cute Corgi pup with the 200 Timewalking Badges you're given simply for logging in during the event. You can also get an extra 25 badges per day just by testing your lore knowledge via the daily quest which is available for the duration of the anniversary event.

Of course, should you prefer, you could instead spend those badges on previous anniversary items like the Inflatable Thunderfury (did someone say....?) or Van Cleef Costume.

Or, you could simply hold onto the badges and put them toward something sold by the Timewalking vendors during a Timewalking Dungeon bonus week.

We've definitely heard that some people were disappointed by the Corgi, the cuteness isn't for everyone, and we'll forward that feedback on.

All that being said:

Happy 12th anniversary everyone! Thanks for being a part of the World of Warcraft! ❤️

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#43 - 2016/11/17 05:08:00 PM
17/11/2016 16:58Posted by Qirri
Well I looked everywhere for this Timewalking Vendor in Orgrimmar and it is a complete mystery. Or is that the challenge. Find the vendor and win a prize. I am up by the portal thingys for Cata which is where the YouTube video says they should be and there is nobody here.

Never mind. Was only trying to see if they sold anything useful.

You can find Historian Ju'pa in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.