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#1 - 2016/10/27 05:58:00 PM
It's been said many times before but i'll say it again: This is probably the stupidest nerf i have ever seen in my 12 years of WoW (aside from Hamstring being on the global cooldown since 7.1, nothing beats that)

The following items are either unusable or nerfed to oblivion in normal, non-rated battlegrounds now:

Healing Potions. Now unusable
Engineering grenades / bombs. Now unusable
Free Action Potion. Now unusable
Goblin Glider (Speed in which you glide was nerfed that its just a slow fall now).
Invisibility Potions. Now unusable
Stat flasks / Elixers. Now unusable
Food that gives a stat buff. Now unusable.

So please explain to me, Dev team:

...Why? Why did you feel the need to remove all small forms of fun from PvP?

I thought Random, non-rated battlegrounds were a place where you could just have fun and do some casual PvP?

Also, What's the point behind the Goblin Glider nerf?

How do you expect me, as a warrior, to escape impossible situations now?

Am i just supposed to re-roll to a Demon Hunter?

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#7 - 2016/10/28 09:47:00 AM
This change was unintentional, we didn't intend to make them unusable. We have a fix in testing and hope to see it pushed out soon. After the fix has gone live, if there are items that used to work but no longer do, please let us know. Thanks!