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#1 - 2016/10/21 09:20:00 AM
So, basically the max camera distance slider has disappeared on the PTR. Unsure if this is a bug or a mistake but regardless it kinda needs fixing ASAP.

This is a big problem for anyone who doesn't play at absolute full zoom as we use the slider to lock the max zoom to what we play at, that way when a game effect zooms in the camera it is easy to return to normal simply by zooming out, now you have to spend ages figuring out exactly where you had it (which on a boss fight is a nightmare).

TLDR: The idiots at Blizzard have pruned yet another important/used feature in order to make the settings UI look cleaner >.>

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#2 - 2016/10/21 09:37:00 AM
The slider was removed as we saw that very few players were using it to reduce their maximum zoom distance. The majority of players have been using the mousewheel to zoom in/out as needed.

From 7.1 the camera max distance will be set to the current max slider value of 1.9. by default

Additionally, the current CVar for camera max distance will been changed to cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor.

This means the console command for the furthest possible max zoom will be:

/console cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor 2.6

This will persist between sessions. A lower value can be set if you prefer the maximum possible zoom distance to be closer to your character.