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#1 - 2016/10/20 08:52:00 AM
Is because of Artifact weapons as they keep blaming those to not do certain class buffs or nerfs.

IMO it's just a lame excuse to do any work.

In WoD their excuse was to prevent people that came back and then they had to relearn their class so they keep major changes for new expansions.

What will the excuse be in the next expansion?

I wonder why they had a higher sub count BEFORE this policy.

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#2 - 2016/10/20 09:13:00 AM
We actually have some changes coming to PvP in Patch 7.1 which you can read about here:

TL;DR Version:

- Artifact Power rewards from PvP will be increased.
- First victory of the day will give better rewards
- Winning a Battleground or Rated Battleground will reward a piece of gear. Skirmishes and Arena victories will have an increased chance than present to drop gear.
- Gear rewards will be based on your average item level, similar to World Quest rewards.
- Gear can Warforge/Titanforge etc
- There will be a weekly quests to win 10 Arena matches or 4 Rated Battlegrounds which will reward a piece of gear with the current season's Gladiator appearance. The item level of this gear will be based on the rating you achieved in the previous week. (see the blog for the full table)

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#12 - 2016/10/20 10:59:00 AM
20/10/2016 10:57Posted by Ångelsoul
Blue guys, seriously, you are the one see the attitude in the forums. Players complain about almost the same things (OP rogue, class balance). Can you just rise it upper? I mean, we are the costumers, and we just want a good game, we wanna pay for it, not that hard...
Blizz devs hear you more than us

We've been raising the feedback about class balance in our reports to the development team. When we receive any information in response to the feedback, then we will of course share it with you.