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#0 - 2009/03/25 12:00:31 AM
Gotta go when the vvolcano blows - petition for removal from Glory of the raider

This is one of the most luck based or mind-boggling achievements yet.
With one chance each week. you need incredible luck to attain this.

OR.. you can let three members get instagibbed by sartharion in the beginning of the fight and let the 7 remaining take care of sarth.
This tactic is the mind-boggling part where you actually attain the achievement by means that are counter-productive to the raid more so than any other raid achievement.

There's nothing juste about that sort of mannerism at all. An easier and just as minblowingly lack of raid etiqutette-achievement would be an imaginary achievement;
to wipe 3 or more players from chain frost blast on kel'thuzad.

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#5 - 2009/03/25 11:05:07 AM
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Petition threads are against the forum rules.

This is correct.