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#1 - 2016/10/06 11:02:00 PM
We’re deploying a hotfix as soon as possible that will change some of the contents of the chests at the end of Mythic Keystone dungeon runs:
  • The Artifact Power contained in Challenger’s Cache awarded for completing a given difficulty will now contain increasing amounts of Artifact Power depending on the difficulty cleared.
  • Prior to the hotfix, this Cache contained 400 base (pre-Knowledge-modifier) Artifact Power. After the hotfix:
    • Mythic 2-3: 500 base Artifact Power
    • Mythic 4-6: 800 base Artifact Power
    • Mythic 7-9: 1000 base Artifact Power
    • Mythic 10+: 1200 base Artifact Power

  • At the same time, any additional (bonus) chests awarded for beating the Mythic Keystone timer by a very large amount will no longer contain any Artifact Power. They will still contain items of the appropriate power level, as before.
  • All Challenger’s Caches will now also contain gold.

The bonus chests you receive when you dominate a dungeon so thoroughly that your Keystone upgrades multiple times are intended to make sure that you don’t miss out on loot. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a mistake to blow away the timer. However, Artifact Power is available in nearly every type of endgame content, so your other reward for going faster is time saved, and that time could be spent pursuing more Artifact Power from its many other sources.

These changes are aimed at aligning the efficiency of the different tiers of difficulty, so that a well-geared group of dungeon experts is rewarded more for tackling a high-level Mythic dungeon, rather than incentivized to stomp an entry-level dungeon.

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#1 - 2016/10/06 11:33:44 PM
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