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#0 - 2009/03/25 05:54:21 PM
I just wanted to bring this post to everyones attention, it provides a little hope that something will be done.

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Totem-stomping macros
From our POV, there is no defense of totem-stomping macros. If you want to take the time to give your pet a command and a target to kill a totem, great. But to be able to neutralize a core mechanic of the class so easily because you are clever enough to copy a macro off of the Internet is not skill.

The only reason they still exist are technical limitations, not because we like the design.

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#20 - 2009/03/27 02:44:24 PM
Totem stomping is not being ignored. We do not have a mechanic ready to stop this, but you can be assured we're working on one.