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#0 - 2010/01/22 01:42:10 AM
hi guys/girls

firstly i am still a noob and have only being playing a few months so dumb any help you can give as low as possible ;-)

i recently hit lvl 80 on this character and have being doing random heroics so i can get the full Liadrins set.
could someone point me in the right direction for the rest of my new gear please.?

when in dungons and raids my dps is one of the lowest so i need to get that up desperately if i am going to play more of a role in raids etc.

im primary spec as retribution at the moment from when i was leveling would you advise moving to prot, and secondary as holy because i made a pally so i could heal with my group of friends (i should have really thought about changing spec from ret before i spent all my emblems on this gear but i can always earn more :) )


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#3 - 2010/01/22 09:47:51 AM
Q u o t e:
Check out the paladin forums as well for useful guides and stuff-might help with things like roration, enchants, gems etc.
Indeed; a good recommendation.

Here's a direct link to our sticky post from the Paladin forums which has a link to many helpful player created guides:

Congratulations on 80 and good luck with the new adventure that awaits you here in the endgame ;-)