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#0 - 2009/04/03 09:07:23 AM
My question like many other peoples refers to the murloc pet. I have multiple characters all on different teams. Only 1 of my characters has 200 games played 201 to be exact. Does this GUARANTEE that I will recieve my murloc pet granted that I have played all 200 games on 1 team. I was scared that my other characters who do not have 200 games might penalize me. I wanted to be crystal clear on how the murloc is obtained since the rules seem a bit vague in some areas. I have heard numerous things from in game chat. Finally does anyone know how or when we will recieve the murloc? I do not want to lose the pet after paying the money.

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#5 - 2009/04/03 07:23:48 PM
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Pretty sure the only reason it's phrased the way it is, is to emphasize that you can't play, say, 60 games on one team, 50 on another, and 90 on a third and be eligible. Or 100 games on one character and 100 on another.

You had to play 200 games with the same character on the same team to be eligible - games with different teams aren't added together, games with different characters aren't added together, just 200 matches with 1 character with 1 team.

This is correct.