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#0 - 2009/04/09 03:41:51 PM
I've NEVER seen this quest pop up for the cooking dailies in Dalaran. I don't do them every day, but I do check them near enough every day if I've got time, purely just for this quest.

It's the only one I need to complete the achievement, and I've never seen it. Is it just bad luck, or is there something special I need to be doing?

There are two other high level cooks in my guild and they've never seen it either.

Edit: Whoops. Probably should have put this in the quests/professions forums or something. Never mind, eh!

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#3 - 2009/04/09 03:51:12 PM
Sorry to hear of your bad luck! I usually see this one at least once a week :-(

Hope your luck improves soon!