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#0 - 2010/10/23 03:55:03 AM

My team has been rank 1 in 5v5 for quite some time now, both armory and the ingame pvp tab showed that we ended up on the #1 place in the 5v5 bracket.

But surprisingly when me and my team logged on we only had the Gladiator title, when we were suppose to get the Wrathful Gladiator title.

I filled out a webform and I got informed that they can not help with ingame problems and that I had to contact a in game GM about it. I opened a ticket and the GM told me that this issue is out of their hands and this is in the hands of the "devs".

This happened to alot of people on different Battlegroups in EU.

What should I do about this problem? I can't seem to find any fitting support for this.

Thanks in advance.

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#7 - 2010/10/23 04:17:21 PM
Greetings Flems,

I’m very sorry to say that this issue is sadly no longer a support issue and that, although I can fully understand your desire to get this resolved in a satisfactory manner for both yourself and the rest of your team, under these circumstances we may only be able to provide you with an explanation of the situation.

With increasing numbers of teams finishing in the 3vs3 and 5vs5 brackets at Rank 1 as each new season progresses (across all Battlegroups), the rules committee has made the decision to only grant the full Season 8 reward to the first team to this Rank 1 rating value, in order to ensure that the originally intended competitive element remains part of the Arena ladder competition.

As a result of the above decision, I’m afraid to say that it is now highly unlikely that any such titles will be awarded retroactively (as the aforementioned ‘first’ team will have already received theirs), and please accept my sincere apologies for any disappointment or confusion these changes and any previous responses received may have caused.