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#0 - 2010/05/11 11:49:05 PM
According to the chart released after Blizzcon with Cataclysm the Horde will have 45 race/class combinations while the Alliance will only have 44. While this may only be a single race class combo missing, I can't help but feel this is related to the fact that Draenei are receiving no new classes. If they did, then It would be even across the board.

Now, before you flame me for bringing up this topic, please keep in mind that when Vanilla WOW launched in 2004, Blizzard took out Dwarf Mages to balance the numbers of race/class combos. However given that they are on an "adding more class/race combo" swing, I am really hoping they will reconsider adding a new class to Draenei and not take something from the Horde.

I know what your going to say, "There are not any classes Draenei can really be". Warlock doesn't follow the way of the light. Druid is already set at 2 on each side, and who has ever heard of a Draenei Rogue?

I thought this very same thing until I did the Lost Ilse quest and found that one of the quest leads me to kill "Exarch Cyn" who is a Draenei ROGUE. Yes, she is a rogue. She hit me with Gouge and Sinister Strike during our fight, and she was dual-wielding daggers. Further, there has *always* been a Draenei poison vendor in Exodar.. Why would a Draenei sell poisons when it is not possible for any Draenei alive to use them?

Now I know that there are many NPCs who are classes that do not exist in the game, but these three bosses you take out seem very specific too show off new race/class combo. There is a Night-Elf Mage, Draenei Rogue and a Human (not sure class).

Blizzard, please consider that you have already been setting up Draenei's to be Rogues, and adding it would give all races new class combos and not short change the Alliance.

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#8 - 2010/05/12 02:16:35 AM
Trolls and dwarves can be warlocks. It's official.