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#0 - 2010/09/03 05:14:37 PM
Definitely not meant as a QQ post - I'm actually very very happy with protection warriors as they function in beta currently. Rather this more of a heads up, as the developers themselves have often expressed wishing us to do/report, that some of our spells aren't doing nearly as much damage as they do in live WoW - or what the tooltips indicate they should be doing. Now that Recount is working, I can provide solid numbers. Obviously I can't get a full parse from a training dummy since they don't attack and therefore would not proc Revenge - so, I went to normal Utgarde Keep. My warrior is level 82 in heavily reforged ICC25 gear (mostly for extra Mastery) and is spec'd 7/0/31 (e.g. Deep Wounds/Protection). Buffs were the new 2-hour Might (makes me hate our 2 minute shouts even more btw, lol) and Battle Shout, for a total of 4607 Attack Power.

Revenge: definitely not hitting for the stated damage, or for anywhere near what it does on live. The tooltip states that it deals 4489-5062 damage with the above buffs, but I saw it hit for as little as 967. The highest hit, with around 770 additional AP from Vengeance, was 4482. This is with the spell talented and glyphed, by the way.

Heroic Throw: the tooltip indicates this ability should deal around 100% (4618 damage) of attack power now - the highest I saw it hit for was 2602, which was less than half the AP I had at the time of the cast. The lower hits were 1727 to 2036. Even critical strikes with this ability didn't measure up (3873).

Devastate: I'd say its doing the damage the tooltip suggests it should be, but its hitting for far less than it does on live WoW - I guess its the loss of Armored to the Teeth and passive STR talents, but the highest hit I saw was 2175 and the biggest crit being 4023 when I changed to a slow 1H weapon (ICC25's Bloodvenom Blade). Any chance of this ability scaling from Attack Power instead of weapon damage, or at least getting an AP coefficient instead of flat bonus damage?

Shield Slam: while it most certainly hits like a truck (especially with the additional damage when Shield Block is active), its not doing the damage indicated by the tooltip. 5985 + 100% of my attack power = well over 10k base damage, but it hit mostly in the 5100-5500 range, going higher when Shield Block was active or when I had a bit of Vengeance going. Honestly I feel the ability deals perfectly fine damage, but the tooltip is misleading.

Despite the above, I just want to emphasize that I love how protection warriors stand to play in Cataclysm. I very much enjoy that despite the updates, the core of what makes warriors fun remains - our mobility and the viceral 'I am beating the crap out of you' playstyle. And its nice that Rend is no longer a joke of a GCD for protection either! :)

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#1 - 2010/09/04 11:42:10 PM
We'll make sure the tooltips reflect the actual damage being done. It's hard to know without looking at each spell individually whether the damage is wrong or the description.