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#0 - 2010/09/02 03:50:28 AM
And here we are again.

First impressions, with servers still finicky:

Glowing, golden frames now appear around abilities associated with procs. Shield Slam (Sword and Board), Colossus Smash (Sudden Death), and Overpower (Taste for Blood). Overpower's frame remains lit perpetually and this is distracting. Fury's likely the same but I haven't confirmed.

Anger Management and Endless Rage have been consolidated and the single talent is named Anger Management. Fury and Protection's exclusive talents have also been reduced to two plus masteries.

More to come.

Colossus Smash, like an ACME booby trap out of Looney Tunes, continues to increase targets' armor.

I tried the new Sweeping Strikes on the adjacent Northrender's and Old Worlder's dummies in Stormwind. As expected, Rend and debuffs such as Deep Wounds and Mortal Strike don't carry over. Looking at parses for one session, DPS on the second target was about 70% of the first (recorded duration about 60% of the first). Combining separate parses into one fight, my DPS gain was about 45% over DPS on the primary target alone. Take that with a grain of salt. Damage aside, the new mechanic looks like it'll play as well as I hoped it would. [Edited for clarity.]

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#74 - 2010/09/04 10:02:21 PM
The icon highlights for things like Overpower and Revenge need a little more polish so that they don't stay lit all the time or light up during a cooldown.

You will eventually be able to turn off the icon highlights as well as the large spell alerts (the Power Auras-like notifications) if you don't want to use them.

We have a new feature to display a few newbie-friendly tooltip for spells. Some of the abilities have this text activated, such as Heroic Strike. You should be able to turn it off.

The Glyph of Raging Blow was conceived during a long pub crawl, where we often do some of our best work, but in this case we'd agree it's a dumb idea.

I'm not sure what the "Issues with Execute" are. The ability hits much harder than on Live, which is a change we were able to make after we redesigned Sudden Death.

We have increased the duration of the Bloodsurge proc and have it no longer affected by Raging Blow (since you don't need more procs while enraged).

Sweeping Strikes has (if I recall correctly) a 10 sec duration and 60 sec cooldown, but no charges.

Deadly Calm could probably come off the GCD. Bloodrage needs to stay on the GCD now that rage matters more. Otherwise it will just be macro'd into every attack.

The mastery for Fury probably just needs to increase rage damage so that it doesn't do weird things to Enraged Regen and the like.

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#76 - 2010/09/04 10:22:04 PM
Q u o t e:
It doesn't make any sense whatsoever that we get weaker as we level.

Your primary stats go up, but your combat ratings go down. The reason for this is that those ratings convert to percentages. If you started with say 50% crit chance, and then gained a level and your new gear had say +4% crit chance instead of +2% crit chance, then you'd quickly get to 100% crit and stay there. This was the reason we implemented combat ratings in the first place. (You can blame Blackhand's Breadth.)

This particularly gets to be a problem when you reach max level. The reason is because you are going to go through several tiers of gear without increasing your character level, so we need to have enough space in the numbers for them to increase. We figure out what the highest say crit and haste chance the game can handle and then work backwards giving each tier a meaningful upgrade (or getting new gear won't be fun) and that determines the combat ratings on the starting gear.

We definitely understand the confusion / weird perception issues this causes and we've talked about some ways to completely revamp the game's combat equations so that we didn't need to use percentage-based stats influenced by ratings with diminishing returns. That is too large a change for Cataclysm, but something we might do in the future (when we aren't also tackling talent and glyph revamps).

Also remember that if you are leveling to 85, you are skipping over a lot of potential quest rewards that you can't get yet. The item leaps among levels are pretty large at level 80-85, which we had to do to make the upgrades feel meaningful. (Imagine the alternatives where you could go to Twilight Highlands directly from Icecrown and do okay.) Once those quest items are in, you'll be more powerful as you level.